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My name is Anveshi Detlev Botschen.

I was born in 1963 in Münsterland, Germany.


I've been doing therapy since 1981 and know both sides. My path led me to a wide variety of people, methods and places:


Diana Puja Richardson (ZA), Krishnananda and Amana Trobe (USA), Ya'acov and Susannah Darling-Khan (GB), Christian Meyer (D), Ramateertha R. Doetsch (D), Anando Würzburger (D), Veeresha Knauf- Estrada (D), Turiya von Hannover (D), Rafia Morgan (USA), Colin Tipping (GB | USA), Susannah Grover (USA | F), Bhadrena C. and Kavi Tschumin-Gemin (CH | I), Franklyn Sills (GB), Veeresh Yuson-Sanchez (USA | NL) ...


Making Love Retreats, Learning Love, Counseling, Men's Work, Gestalt Therapy, Encounter Therapy, Primal & Tantra Deconditioning, NLP (Master), Craniosacral Biodynamic, Thai Massage, Osho Meditations, ZEN, Vipassana ...

For several years I have lived with Barbara, my sweetheart, in a Stöckli in a small hamlet in the Emmental.



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